ALAN HOPWOOD visual artist


As a contemporary artist, I work using many different techniques and media, often utilising these within a single image. I use Landscape and abstract images to visualise human states of mind

The images shown on this website are digital artworks and are large files that can be printed to order at high quality. Each image is priced and sized but other sizes are available on your request, simply email me your sizes and which image.


 Alan Hopwood

Alan Hopwood


My name is Alan Hopwood and in the traditions of painters such as J.W.Turner, I use images of the landscape to convey ideas about human emotions and moods. I use a mix of traditional painting and mixed media techniques, combined with digital imagery and manipulation. as a result, some of my artworks exist as digital prints and others are original artworks on canvas paper or board.



My work has been divided into the following subject pages to help you select the style of art you prefer.

Although my work consistently uses the images and forms found in our towns and countryside, it slips in and out of abstraction and utilises photographic as well as painting techniques.


For 12 years I have suffered from a chronic condition that effects my joints and muscles, as well as causing chronic pain and fatigue. This change in my life has both become part of what my work is about, my experiences of life have become exaggerated versions of normal life with ups and downs much more dramatic in the way they impact upon me. as well as informing my subject for creating art, my condition has led me to initiate a whole new working process and visual language compared to the traditional oil on canvas work I used to create. I used to teach Fine Art but I no longer teach and now focus more on my artwork, exhibiting more traditional mixed media "one off" artwork and selling the digital prints that are shown here on this website.

Alan is a member of The Leicester Society of Artists.


What you will get in your chosen print.

These images are very large files allowing large scale printing. The work is printed using light fast inks onto the best quality, lightly textured, matt  etching paper. each printed image will have a 6cm border around it allowing for mounting or framing, and can therefore be cropped if necessary.

Each image has been printed to it's own size in limited editions, but if you need different sizes simply contact me with your needs, I can also adjust the picture ratios slightly, or crop an image if you would like to make it fit an existing frame of your own.

More information about printing and other options can be found on the READ ME details page.


All images Copyright of the artist Alan Hopwood