ALAN HOPWOOD visual artist


As a contemporary artist, I work using many different techniques and media, often utilising these within a single image. I use Landscape and abstract images to visualise human states of mind

The images shown on this website are digital artworks and are large files that can be printed to order at high quality. Each image is priced and sized but other sizes are available on your request, simply email me your sizes and which image.


TREE DRAWING 2013  (3 x 2.3 )

Alan Hopwood

Tree Drawing with colour merge 2013

Tree always seem to re-appear in my work, this drawing was converted as a mask on Adobe Photoshop, and colour dropped in behind.

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 Trees together 2014    ( 3 x 2.45 )

Alan Hopwood

Trees together 2014

More trees!

some times my drawing drift towards a more painterly finish, is these cases, I often live with the image for a week of two before deciding if it is finished.

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VIEW UP THE HILL  2014  ( 4 x 5.06 )

Alan Hopwood

View up the hill 2014

This drawing shows how I utilise all sorts of media, even when I am drawing. The textures and type come from newspapers or by rubbing over rough surfaces.

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All images Copyright of the artist Alan Hopwood