Having completed my Degree and Masters in Fine Art in the early 90’s, I worked successfully as an artist, designer and lecturer for over 25 years, before I was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal disease and related neurological conditions.

Now, unable to work in regular employment, I balance my time and energy to manage my condition and do my artwork.

My creativity plays a huge part in my management of depression and pain. Exploring the degenerative nature of ageing, illness and mental health conditions are my main concepts.

Although often abstract in appearance, the work relates to specific periods or events in my life, attempting to communicate feelings of isolation, loss and anger, whilst searching for an alternative aesthetic or beauty.

My studio is integrated into my home and garden which makes it accessible for me. even on days when my mobility is poor, I can usually spend a little time being creative. I live in a small village in Leicestershire England, surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Getting outdoors is a great therapeutic tool for anyone who suffers from depression or is housebound a lot due to mobility problems. I get out into the towns and countryside as often as I can and sketch or photograph ideas to inform my studio work.

My work is sometimes traditional painting on canvas or other surfaces, and sometimes digital. these two media are often intermixed as I explore there unique effects and gestural qualities. Experimenting with degradation and what happens to the way we read an image.

All of my work, however abstract, originates from direct observation.


Recent exhibitions include:

Mind the Gap. Cambridge 2018

Paralymart. Tokyo Japan 2018

Ikouii Creative. Atlanta Georgia USA 2018

LSA annual. Leicester New Walk Museum and Art Gallery 2017

The White Cloth Gallery. Leeds UK 2016

The Way Through The Woods (SOLO). The Landscape Gallery Market Harborough UK 2016

LSA annual. Leicester New Walk Museum and Art Gallery 2015

Those Who Can. The Atkins Gallery Hinckley UK 2015