Feb 2018 Blog New Art Project

It’s been quite some time since my last blog, 2017 proved to be a very difficult year with my condition and other factors hitting hard. I was only able to complete one painting but I did manage to exhibit it at the Leicester New Walk Museum and Art Gallery for the LSA show, I even won a prize so that was a positive end to the year at least.

In the hope that 2018 will be better I have started a new art project. Exploring my disability, the chronic pain and fatigue; focusing upon the senses of loss; anger and inadequacy that I am feeling.

Early ideas explore the idea of partially removing existing artwork, an act of anger or some kind of surgical procedure? I’m not sure but there is a new aesthetic that I am finding interesting. The physical act of removing (sanding, scraping) parts of paintings is rather challenging for me so I am also exploring photographic and digital ideas too. Again they explore a sense of inadequacy, looking at reproductions, poor photographic technique and damaged images in order to explore a new aesthetic that I feel connects with how I am feeling, how my condition impacts upon the way I see and create art and ultimately life in general.

I have included a self-portrait reflection photograph, the production of this uses a reproduction, re-photographed with my shadow creating a partial reflection, obscuring the original image in a detrimental way but combining to create a new image.

I aim to explore other ideas that explore aspects that may seem to have less “value” in art, hoping that finding new values within these ideas may help to express something that I feel more connected to rather than working in a more conforming manner.