Frustration Sept 2018

It has been a pretty good summer as far as spending time with my family goes, and this is where I have focused my energy. As always there is a pay-off for this when you have limited energy and half of your time you are immobile.

Managing my disability has always been about choosing when and how you prioritize what you can do. This time, it meant sacrificing my artwork and I’m glad I did. This doesn’t mean that the creative urges go away, and there is a build up of frustration and energy that can only be satisfied by working on my art ideas. I’m addicted to it I suppose and I’m getting full on withdrawal symptoms.

The ideas bouncing around in my head need to be visualized to resolve them and I’m hoping that I can start on this very soon.

I have been busy with exhibiting. Overseas and in the UK. My next is in Cambridge this October, as part of “Mind the Gap”. Supporting mental health awareness and charities. Please follow my social media for details and updates.

My work, although on hold, has remained focused upon the ideas of degradation. Related to age and illness, utilizing the unexpected outcomes of both physical and digital intervention. My experiences also play there part, with a nervous system that doesn’t function correctly and a general condition that varies so dramatically from day to day, I attempt to portray these in the work, but I guess they are more things that help me in the process rather than being “out there” for an audience to see.

I have included a section of exploratory work, using these ideas along with my recent interest in reflections which I can talk about another time.

Hopefully my next blog will be about new work and I will have had my creative fix.

Please follow my social media to see more updates and images.