ALAN HOPWOOD visual artist


As a contemporary artist, I work using many different techniques and media, often utilising these within a single image. I use Landscape and abstract images to visualise human states of mind

The images shown on this website are digital artworks and are large files that can be printed to order at high quality. Each image is priced and sized but other sizes are available on your request, simply email me your sizes and which image.


New website look

I have re-designed my website to show a bit more about what I do and where I create work, so it contains more studio images etc.

main backdrop 1.jpg

As my work uses many types of media in its production, I switch from hands on painting and image making, to photography and also digital manipulation. images are required to be re-sized at high resolution and also colour checked for printing. for final colour checks, I view each image on a calibrated screen at the printers workshop. 

All images Copyright of the artist Alan Hopwood