ALAN HOPWOOD visual artist


As a contemporary artist, I work using many different techniques and media, often utilising these within a single image. I use Landscape and abstract images to visualise human states of mind

The images shown on this website are digital artworks and are large files that can be printed to order at high quality. Each image is priced and sized but other sizes are available on your request, simply email me your sizes and which image.


poster section on my website

I have added an new page onto my website with some cool images that didn't fit into my normal artwork, but which I thought would make cool poster images. To keep the costs down these will be printed onto photo paper, which is still good quality and which still uses the Giclée light fast inks.

I have used photographs of my own, some of graffiti, or of retro objects, and manipulated them into designs that are dynamic and suitable for a wider audience or less permanent display.

here are a couple of examples.

Other images include Cuban Havana signs, more graffiti and some retro Beano covers.

take a look and let me know what you think.

All images Copyright of the artist Alan Hopwood