Urban decay or development

The textures and materials found in the forgotten or unloved areas of our towns and cities have an aesthetic quality all of their own. I use them alongside or instead of painting gestures and surfaces,

Peeling paint and the patina that occurs to surfaces with age or wear and tear can be used just as affectively as more traditional gestural marks used in artwork. 


Although I have no interest in newly painted graffiti images, I like the way it cracks and peels off after a while, I like the way partial imagery and or words, interact with the images I use.

I don't think I agree that graffiti is acceptable everywhere, and it is damaging to other peoples property, but in certain places, it give a place and identity to individuals and can provide a new aesthetic that is as relevant to those people as a landscaped garden is to another.

Trees and more trees

Trees have been a great inspiration to me for a number of years now. I think they are majestic and mysterious and can also become a metaphor for a human  presence in the image such as in works like, "together". the contrast between picturesque landscapes, and neglected buildings, with some varied weather conditions thrown in for good measure, are the very elements I use to convey the human state of mind and in particular, my own personal experiences of specific days and events.