ALAN HOPWOOD visual artist


As a contemporary artist, I work using many different techniques and media, often utilising these within a single image. I use Landscape and abstract images to visualise human states of mind

The images shown on this website are digital artworks and are large files that can be printed to order at high quality. Each image is priced and sized but other sizes are available on your request, simply email me your sizes and which image.


The Journey by a different path

This project explores images that have been damaged or degraded by physical and digital techniques. Some images have been partially removed by physical processes, like a surgical procedure.

This project also uses non-traditional painting and photography techniques to explore new ways to create work. The work is closely connected to ideas related to degenerative illness and ageing, but also explores memories and the complexities of personal self image.



Reflection Self Portrait Number 5.  2018  Digital Print

reflection portrait 5.jpg

Howarth Moor Study 2016. Partially Removed 2018. mixed media on canvas.


St Austell Bay Partially removed 2018. Digital Print

st Austell Bay partially removed.jpg

Meadow 2016 Partially Removed 2018.. Mixed Media on Board.


Reflection Self Portrait Number 2. 2018. Digital Print.

reflection portrait 2.jpg

No Words 2018  Digital Print

alan hopwood_No words.jpg

All images Copyright of the artist Alan Hopwood